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On your mark!
                                         Get Set!

Show season has begun and the Ennis FFA is proudly showing off the months of hard work put into their SAE livestock projects.  What is SAE you ask?  It is a Supervised Agricultural Experience Program where students gain valuable knowledge while engaging in a project.  Projects can range from entrepreneurship, or business ventures, to placement at an agricultural based facility for experience.  The majority of the Ennis FFA SAE's consist of competitive livestock being raised at the school project facility.  These animals will be fed and cared for for many months, then shown at various livestock shows.

Two classes of animals are raised by our FFA members:  Market and Breeding

    -Market animals are raised for food production while breeding animals are used to produce offspring.  Both classes are rewarding experiences.  When choosing which animal to show, FFA members and their families need to ask themselves the following questions:

  - What goal do I have in mind when raising this animal?
  - How much time do I have to devote to the animal?
  - Do I have the finances to purchase and feed the animal for the duration of the project?
  - For breeding animals, do I have a place to put it when the project is over?
  - Do I have the space to properly raise the animal (Broilers & Fryers)?
  - Will my grades allow for missed school days due to livestock show travel?

    For help answering these questions, talk to the Ennis FFA Advisors who can help give an in site to each project.

Market animals consist of:                                             Breeding animals consist of:
- Steers                                                                     - Heifers
- Hogs - Gilts
- Goats
-Broilers (Chickens)
-Fryers (Rabbits) 

Raising a livestock SAE can be very rewarding for our members.  Students learn not only responsibility, but a wide arrange of skills including feed conversion, veterinary practices, and money management!  If you are interested in raising a livestock project, be sure to speak with the Ennis FFA Advisors for more information!


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